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Fun Facts For Students: Is Homework Useful Or Useless

Different people have different opinions about this topic. Some people believe that homework is beneficial. Others believe that it is only an extra-burden after eight ours in class. Let us make a comparison and then it will become easier for us to decide.

Majority of students hate it. If home assignments had nothing to do with grades, no one would have composed them. No doubt, it gives a chance to students to recall their class work. It helps in revising the class concepts. This way kids get good grades in their class tests. Home task can be useless and useful both. If the school has introduced a policy that has not producing well results then school should re think about their policies. They should introduce such policies that have the potential of getting student’s interest. The home tasks should be more interactive, engaging, and informative.

Advantages of home assignments

  1. 1. Parents get to learn new concepts
  2. 2. It helps them in getting prepared for exams and tests
  3. 3. It gives parents and kids quality time together
  4. 4. They learn and research on new topics
  5. 5. They follow a routine
  6. 6. They become more scheduled
  7. 7. They sit with class mates and study in a group
  8. 8. They learn to follow teacher’s command by following her set of instructions
  9. 9. They develop a habit of learning new things, listening to their teacher, and to following a strict schedule
  10. 10. It tells students new ways of learning
  11. 11. They get prepared for the next morning lecture
  12. Disadvantages of home assignments

    1. 1. It does not let students enjoy family time
    2. 2. It gives repetitive work
    3. 3. Students do not get some fresh or learning thing
    4. 4. They overburdened the students
    5. 5. It teaches cheating
    6. 6. Many students copy their assignments from other class mates
    7. 7. Some students buy papers
    8. 8. Some students do not compose their assignments because they are tough and tricky
    9. 9. Some students do not do their assignments because they lack interest
    10. 10. When students do not do their home tasks, teachers punish them
    11. 11. Kids lack scoring good grades
    12. 12. They hire tutors and instructors
    13. 13. They may hire spam sites
    14. 14. They spend a lot of money in purchasing papers, guide books and key books

    Above was a fair comparison of home assignments. One can easily compare the advantages and disadvantages of it.