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Helpful Advice On Tackling 2nd Grade English Homework

English is a subject that revolves around spellings, their pronunciation, sentence structure and meaning. Though 2nd grade is small class for many of us but this is the time when concept needs to be cleared and subject can be made interesting. The mode of study and the way teacher teaches plays a vital role in making English homework interesting.

Most of the 2nd grade assignments revolve around accent and memorizing while forming the correlation. Understanding difference between singular-plural, feminine and masculine, rhyming words etc is also taught at this stage. Concepts can be taught by playing games and keeping the students active. For example when teaching singular and plural, the student should be made to react via their finger or fingers.

Apart from that there are some other common rules that will keep the students engrossed

  • - Appreciate them when they show their best speed. Tell them that they will be responsible for their own homework and they should come to you only when have doubts. You will not be sitting with them all the time. If they follow this pattern properly, you will reward them and will take them outdoors for an interesting game. However, if they keep on nagging and show frustration they have to sit for the whole day till the time their course work does not finish.
  • - Go to market with them to buy additional practice books: Kids love to buy things for them. Try to buy some colorful books which have lots of pictures. Make them practice. This clears their concept further and boosts their speed too.
  • - Make them read and learn louder: This not only develops concentration but breaks the monotony. Ask questions in between. When students are provided English chapter reading at home, do not go anywhere but sit with them and observe their pronunciation. Correct them whenever required. When chapters are clear in their mind, they can answer the homework much easily. After chapter has been read, give them dictation or words to frame sentences. These activities are a good way to develop English language.
  • - Make a call list: Make it a habit of practicing 5 words every day. Make them learn homophones, word meanings, pronunciation, etc on everyday basis from Sunday to Saturday.
  • - Figure out the areas they are weak: Sit with them and short circuit pessimism. Praise when they ask questions.
  • - Give them breaks in between if the assignment is taking too long: They will be rejuvenated and will sit again with more energy and vigor.
  • - Leave the room if they are whining: It will discourage this habit.
  • - Let them compete against the clock: Reward them with some chocolates if they succeed.