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The Most Effective Way To Do English Homework

Being effective, means making good use of your time and the resources that are available to you so start with a plan!

  • - Make sure that you have the correct details for your English homework, if you are not sure then talk to your tutor. Ideally they need to give homework and an outline of the marking criteria.

Make a note of the date that you need to hand in the work as well as the number of words that are needed. Being effective is being efficient.

If you are not familiar with the type of writing that you need to complete your homework and your teacher has not given you examples then have a look online at some of the Homework help websites. These can often provide you with worked examples of essays that come complete with annotation which will help you to both target and apply these strategies to your own work.

What to look for

Look for inspiration, some websites can give you lists of Homework ideas that you can use or adapt to the instructions you have been given or your own personal preference.

Some Homework sites can also provide you with tutor support (there may be a cost to this) or provide you with a ‘how to video’. At this stage you need to be choosy as you may end up with lots of information and you may not be sure what to do with it all. Being choosy also helps you to be efficient.


If you have examples of the type of work that you need to produce and some ideas of how you can apply these ideas to your work, make a start by brainstorming a few ideas. Remember that no matter what type of essay you are writing it will have a beginning, a main part and a conclusion.

Make your work easy to read

  • - Each paragraph should flow into the next in a logical progression of ideas.
  • - Pick out the major points of the topic and use one paragraph for each point.
  • - Make each paragraph like a mini essay, where the first sentence is the introduction, and the last sentence is the conclusion and opens the pathway to the next paragraph.

Being more efficient

  • - It is important to put aside some time to read through your work.
  • - Ideally you should be reading though your work as you write as sometimes you may be writing for a long time and slightly move away from what you intended to say.
  • - When you read through your work and make changes, always check that the change you have made has not conflicted grammatically with the rest of your writing.

If you are having problems completing your work then you can use one of the online academic sites that will provide you with a writer. If you are going to use this service for your work, you need to decide early on as the less time you have to hand in the essay the quicker the writer needs to produce the work for you and the higher the cost.