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General Advice On How To Do 10th Grade Algebra Homework

Your homework is very important. It is a great chance to practice the things that you are being taught in class. Here is some general advice to help you with your 10th grade algebra homework.

  1. Addition and Subtraction of the Algebraic Expressions
  2. You can only add or subtract like terms. They need to contain like variables that are raised to a like power.

  3. Multiplication of the Algebraic Expressions
  4. Distributive law: The variable outside of the parentheses should be multiplied with the variables inside of your parentheses.

    3 (x +5) = 3x + 15

    The answer will be positive, if the signs are the same. If the signs are different, then the answer will be negative.

    MAKE SURE: You must do the same to one side as you do to the other side of the equation.

  5. Graphing Equations: The slope is equal to rise/run. Find two points on a line and then to find the slope see how high the line rise to how far it runs across.
  6. Slope intercept form: y= mx +b

    m= the slope and b= the y-intercept.

    It is a good idea to get a quick reference guide to remind you of all of the little tips and tricks that you need to successfully complete the assignment. You will be able to use it whenever you need it. Here are some really great ways to master your 10th grade algebra homework.

  7. Create a study area
  8. You want to have a spot where you can do your homework that is quiet and where you can really focus. It should be a desk where you can work without being bothered.

  9. Take notes in class
  10. You need to make sure that you take notes in class so that you can have the information that you need when you need it. It will help you when you are home trying to work through the problems. You can’t remember everything and the notes will help.

  11. Get an online tutor
  12. You want to get an online tutor who will work with you to complete the assignment. They will help you with the problems that you need extra help with. It is like having a teacher all to yourself. They will work at your pace and for you. It is the best way to master your assignments and do the best that you can in 10th grade algebra.