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Does Homework Have A Negative Effect On Students

Students go to school every day during the school year and frequently come home to finish homework. This is after spending about 6 hours in a building with teachers learning. Some kids can do their work and finish in 30 minutes or less, but others wind up taking a lot longer. Some actually get a couple of hours of taking in the books at night. Is it too much, though?

This depends on. A little bit of homework each night seems like it would help reinforce what was learned during the day. That is if it only takes a small amount of time to do it. Plus, if you add a small amount from each class or a couple of classes you have a good hour of studying. Now, this may not be too excessive. As long as the total amount doesn't go over an hour. It depends on the child too.

Most kids are likely wiped out if they have to dedicate more than 2 to 3 hours of homework each night. You're going to have overly exhausted, stressed out young people. This is a little much unless you have a child who thrives on doing essays. They do need balance and downtime when they get home; otherwise, it can become stressful and defeat the purpose of trying to reinforce what they learned at school.

It's not good if students are getting bleary-eyed from having their faces glued to books trying to absorb a bunch more information. You do need to keep an eye on how your child is handling the school load. Balance is good. And frequently your child demonstrates these things showing that they're overdone.

For the most part, work at home teaches a lot of discipline. But it can backfire. It backfires when you see them so sucked into getting papers done that they give more than a few fun things up. It is probably not worth giving up a bunch of activities. An activity every once in a while (depending on what it is) but the idea of studying outside of school is to teach responsibility, not to teach that they'll start missing activities because of it.

So some of this depends on each school-aged person. With a reasonable amount of home studies, everything should be good. If a child is just spending too much time and getting overly stressed out, not so much.