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Struggling With Your Homework:

How to Stop Procrastinate and Make It Quickly?

There are those moments when you feel stuck and cannot accomplish your homework; time is running, and the clock is ticking pretty fast, but you cannot figure out how you are going to get things done. The homework has to be done anyway, and there is no way out. When you are in this kind of situation, you may want to know how to stop procrastinating and complete your assignment in time. With these 5 tips up your sleeves, you can quash procrastinating and get things done as usual.

1. Get yourself a wall planner

While technology may have provided apps that can help you organize your life, these may not be the idea tools you need for a homework planner. They can serve the purpose; for example, using a smartphone app to tell you what you are supposed to do at a given time. But these devices are very tempting, and you may find that instead of reading your planner on the smartphone, you are enticed to get to the internet and see who has sent you a chat invite.

When talking of a wall planner, it implies something that you will see the first thing when you wake up and that last thing you see just before you fall fast asleep. This can be written with a bold marker pen and clearly pinned on the wall. In the wall planner, highlight the due dates of your projects and assignments and mark or cross off those days that have elapsed. This way, you are preparing the mind to know that there is something that needs to be done.

2. Get rid of all distractions on your workspace

You may not realize it, but having things like TV put on or the stereo music playing, you are causing distraction. Try to turn off the TV, put the headphones away, and sign off from the social media chat. These are things that will occupy your mind and carry you away from what you need to accomplish. Your phone may be another distracting thing, and it’s better you put it away from your sight.

3. Have planned breaks – to drain away emotions

When you feel that you cannot do your homework because the mind isn’t thinking straight, you might want to give yourself a break. Stroll around for a few minutes to freshness up your brain. At times, many of the delays you have in homework are caused by the inability to start the assignment because you have no ideas.

The moment you take a break and fresh the mind, you will be able to gain some energy reserve and feed your mind with freshness. You can start thinking straight, and this makes the starting point of that assignment, which was seemingly looking difficult and prevented you from commencing the work.

4. Have blank sheets of paper pinned on wall to represent the work you have

When you have some sheets of paper put on the wall, they can tell you what is ahead of you to accomplish. For example, if you have 10 assignments, you can have brief notes of each, and write them on pieces of paper, then pin them on the walls. When you accomplish one, take it away. This way, it will show you how much you haven’t completed. It is more or less the same as the planner but this time, it is giving you a sense of visual conceptualization of the amount of work you have.

5. Brainstorm and write down the main points of the assignment

When you have the ideas, and you put them on paper, you know where to start when you commence the work. At times, ideas you had may slip off your mind, and this impairs you from making a start. When you have the main points or subjects of the discussion topics, you only need to build the body of those topics and there you are ready to go.

By procrastinating, you are trying to give yourself excuses that often delay the task you are supposed to complete. This not only puts you in more pressure but also psychologically disturbed. On top of that, you are more worried of the nagging you are going from get from the teachers or parents.